"Smear and Obsession"

This was a 20/20 investigative report on the Peter Bogdanovich book, "The Killing of the Unicorn." The investigative reporter was Geraldo Rivera. The basic summation was that "Killing of the Unicorn" was a smear campaign against Playboy and Hefner in particular. Geraldo demonstrated many contradictions in the book and pointed out that many statements in the book were not true at all. One of the main points made by Peter in the book was that Hefner forced his sexual advances on Dorothy in the notorious grotto Jacuzzi and actually raped her. Hefner plainly denies this or that anything of that nature ever happened. The only claimed witness, Patrick Curtis who was Peter's supposed source later confessed for Playboy that the story was false. However I read a much later interview where Hefner admitted to being naked with Dorothy in the Jacuzzi but that nothing happened. You can see how frustrating it is to get to the truth. What are we to believe? The best bet is to simply ignore all this gossip and feuding and focus on Dorothy and the message of her beauty. Who she was and how she touched the world can best be understood through our own hearts. Trust in that which is good, pure, and true and you will always be ok.

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