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The 23D Series

I am very proud to present this extremely rare and exclusive set of 23 Dorothy photos that I have affectionately titled  "The 23D Series" 
They were shot by a Vancouver photographer who wishes to remain anonymous. Below is his remembrance of that day.

These photos were taken at my friend’s custom tailoring shop in Vancouver BC Canada about 1979 or 1980. For sure it was only a short while after Dorothy had modeled for Playboy, so that should help put a closer timeline on it. Dorothy was modeling some clothing that had been custom made for her, and I happened to stop by and I had my camera with me. The photographs were taken with her permission. They were filmed on ISO 100 35mm Kodak color film using a Pentax 35mm SLR and lens. I was working in a large photographic laboratory in Vancouver at the time, and I personally color balanced and printed all of these photographs myself. As for the negatives, I do not have them anymore. I suffered a badly leaking roof at my studio in Vancouver whilst I was in Seattle, and upon my return there I discovered to my dismay that I had lost a great many negatives, photographic slides and prints due to extensive water damage. Luckily, this set of Dorothy Stratten prints survived in perfect condition because they were tucked away inside a sealed cedar chest.  I only printed 3 complete sets. I gave one set to my tailor friend at the time and I kept the other two sets in their light-tight paper bags up until I rediscovered them whilst moving to Seattle last summer. I have always found it somewhat difficult to look at them, so I just kept them like that over the years. I think it’s great that there is a website dedicated to Dorothy Stratten.