AVery Special Tribute

I am very blessed to be able to share this unique and interesting story with you. It is rare that I get the opportunity to talk to a person that knew Dorothy and even more rare to get to know such a person. I have greatly enjoyed our Email correspondence and our mutual sharing of our knowledge of Dorothy's specialness. I thank her greatly for trusting me by sending me this rare shot of her and Dorothy so I could share it with you all. She truly is a special lady. The story below is in her own words and describes what transpired on the day this photo was taken. For obvious reasons she thought it best that I not include her name and I understand and respect that choice. Here is her story and her photo.

"In May of 1980 Dorothy was on a promotional tour of Canada and during that time I had the prized privilege of appearing with her at an event. The previous month, I had won a very local beauty contest; actually, by the numbers, I had placed third but got the nod from the owner of the night club who had offered to help with my career (!) In any case, as the "winner" of April's beauty contest, I was invited to judge the next month's contest. Dorothy, too, was invited to judge. She dazzled me and the crowd, but I was an awkward amateur seeking a fast getaway from the paparrazi's blinding lights. As I headed for the comfort of the shadows, someone grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards the spotlights. That someone was Dorothy and she kept right on pulling me until we reached "center stage" at which time she then positioned me directly in front of her as the tape rolled and cameras flashed. Throughout my entire professional life, never have I experienced a more selfless act. I think of Dorothy daily and miss her dearly; she has left me unafraid to face my own mortality. Dorothy = Angel. And lastly I know I speak for my country in wishing Dorothy's sister Louise resounding success in her screenwriting career."
Ms. An Onymous

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