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Big thanks to David Bryant for letting me borrow these negatives so I could scan them for the site. David took these shots of Dorothy at a car show and he was very kind to share them with us. He had this to say about his experience.

I really don't have much I can tell you about my brief meeting with her at the car show, I was just another guy in line to get the Playmates' autographs. I'm sure she must have said a few words to me but Lord knows what they were, it was too long ago. I do remember getting one of her radiant smiles though. Her beauty and charm was as evident in person as it is in her photos and other work. I remember also when I first heard a tease about her murder from a news station where I lived in Texas at the time, just one of those quick spots between commercials or in between programs. I remember vividly screaming out loud "NO!!". It was just such a shock and unfair tragedy for Snider to take her from this world.

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Big Thanks as well to Andrew Fiddler of Canada for donating these wonderful shots of Dorothy that he took at the Place Bonaventure Hotel in Montreal
on November 1979.

Ken Hitchcock generously sent me a copy of this great photo he took at the 20th Annual Auto-Rama in Dallas on Jan 3, 1980. What a great shot!
Thanks Ken.
Steve Wilkes was kind enough to provide me with scans of these pictures he took. Below is his story.
Of all of the ladies there she was by far my favorite. Though she was only 2 years older than myself at the time she seemed so "grown up" to me. Maybe it was the whole "playmate" thing. But she also seemed very innocent and genuine. When I heard about her murder I was stunned.  I still wonder how someone that had the wonderful opportunity to share part of her life, much less love her, could do such a cowardly and horrible thing? 
Steve Wilkes
Austin, Texas
A fan sent me these two pictures.