DSW Exclusive Interviews

This is the page where you will have a chance to read unique and candid interviews with the people who knew Dorothy best, her friends and co-workers. It is my hope that more of these special people may learn about the Dorothy Stratten Website and offer me the opportunity to interview them also. The intentions of DSW are the highest possible, to bring honesty and truth to the memory of a wonderful human being. All interviews will be candid and totally unedited. Each person will have a complete chance to speak their full heart. In this way I hope to put to rest the many misconceptions about Dorothy's life that have been propagated by the tabloids. I make a special appeal to all of Dorothy's friends out there: Please help us to learn the truth about the real Dorothy and build the greatest memorial tribute site
on the web.

Galaxina writer/director William Sachs

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L.A. friend of Dorothy, Elise Cash