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I invite all artists, no matter what your skill level to share your original works of art of Dorothy here on these pages. What I want to compile here is original works, created with your own hand. These can be paintings, sketches, sculptures or other mediums. They can be poses based on original photos or of your own creation. There are only two rules to this section, your work must be original, not a computer modification of a photo, and the original work must feature Dorothy as the subject. Contact me and we can arrange for your work to be scanned or photographed for the site. I am very excited by the prospect of your creativity and the opportunity to display your unique work here. Be inspired and create!

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These two wonderful paintings are by San Diego artist Kim. Isn't he a genius!

This is a great sketch by
David Mayans

Poster art from the movie
They All Laughed

Galaxina as inspiration for
"Love in an elevator"
album cover?

Dorothy as a bunny in a
rare Playboy ad.

Craig Maas offers these way cool
Sketches of Dorothy. Data from Star Trek also makes a cameo, lucky guy!

Here is a beautiful painting by Steve Johannsen

A great sketch by Vince Wolff. Check his site out at,

These wonderful sketches are by Jack from Ramsey, New Jersey.

This excellent sketch is by famous pinup artist Jon Hul. Check out his other work at,

This great sketch is by Marzia Paoloni of Italy.

This Sketch is called "Dream Dorothy"
 by Mary Gleeson

This beautiful Galaxina painting is by Nicole Steen.
Please check out more of her art at:
This cool Dorothy sketch is by Joanne Fournier

This wonderful Galaxina painting is by artist
Geri Centonze.
Please check out more of her art at:

Geri's Facebook
Geri's Ebay Store

This great Galaxina Illustration is by commissioned comic artist MRAM.
Please check out more work at:

This wonderful sketch of Dorothy was created by Tim Gillette

MRAM's Website
Please view his other great sketches here:
Tim Gillette Sketchbook

An old foreign film poster where an image of Dorothy was used even though she was not even in this film.
You can purchase the poster at the link below:

A painting done by Sylvain Jean-Paul Lafond

West Gate Gallery