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Dorothy Enigmas

These are odd things that I have noticed about her life. They may mean nothing but I present them here for your evaluation.

Dorothy = means, "Gift of God"

Born = February 28, 1960

Ruth = means, "Companion"

Died = August 14, 1980

Hoogstraten = means, "High street"

The day of her birth, the 28th, contains her birth and death. She was born in the 2nd month and died in the 8th month.

The day of her birth, the 28th, divided by her birth month, the 2nd, gives her death day, the 14th.

She was the August playmate and died in August.

The last movie she made, "They All Laughed" contains 14 letters. Her last day was the 14th.

The day of her birth, the 28th, seems to contain her death age, century and decade. Age 20, century 20, decade 8.

Dorothy did not appear to have pierced ears or wear earrings. Very unique among women. Very refreshing.

Dorothy was left handed. Some of the most talented and interesting people are left handed.

Dorothy's grave stone has a quote from Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms" and Hemingway's granddaughter Mariel played Dorothy in Star 80.

The two actresses who each played Dorothy in a movie, Jamie Lee Curtis and Mariel Hemmingway were both born on November 22!

The three most important influences in the last two years of Dorothy's life started with the letter "P" Playboy, Paul, Peter.

Peter Bogdanovich and Playboy have the same abbreviation P. B.

The address of the apartment where Dorothy was killed is 10881.
Using only these numbers and/or simple addition and subtraction many important dates of her life can be obtained. Let me know if you come up with some more examples.


1+1=2, the month she was born.

1+1=2 then attach an 8 for 28, the day she was born.

1+8=9 then put a 1 one on front for 19 then 8-1-1=6 then place a 0 for 60 then put them all together for 1960, the year she was born.

8= the month she died in.

8+8-1-1=14, the day she died.

1+8=9 then put a 1 one on front for 19 then place the 8 and 0 for 1980, the year of her death.

1+1=2 then place the 0 for 20, her age at death.

8+8-1=15, the number of letters in her name.

Barry Miller noted these oddities

"Many of Dorothy's favorite books and movies as well as movies she appeared in were strange omens of her fate."

Love Story - early grave,beautiful female.
A Star is Born - showbiz suicide,beautiful female.
Lord of the Flies - cruelty and death to little blond angelic boy.
Valley of The Dolls - self-destructive beautiful females, one with psychopathic husband.
Midnight Express -torture and imprisonment.
Galaxina - emotional imprisonment.
Autumn Born -torture and imprisonment.