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I am fortunate enough to have seen this episode of Johnny Carson which first aired on April 30, 1980. Now maybe I was imagining it but Johnny Carson seemed kinda nervous when Dorothy first came out. I think Dorothy's real life beauty was not expected by him. Johnny Carson fumbles a bit in the beginning. He try's a few jokes then directs the conversation toward how men and women like best to see the opposite sex displayed. In a tricky way he puts Dorothy at ease and gets her to admit that she finds a man more sexy when he is clothed than fully nude and that imagination plays an important role.
As soon as he gets her to commit to this view he turns the tables and says, holding up her playmate of the year issue, "yet you appear here sans everything." Dorothy is obviously caught by Johnny Carson and while stuttering a bit manages to defend herself by stating that Playboy has their girls pose more modestly than the other magazines which leave nothing to the imagination. I think Johnny sees that he got her and maybe feels a little sorry because she seems so vulnerable and innocent. He thinks for a second then gives her a great compliment. He tells her that often times a person looks at the pictures of a girl in a magazine but is disappointed with their appearance in real life, "you are as beautiful in person as you are in your photos". Dorothy, as was her way, politely and meekly says, "oh, thank you." and they take a break.

When they come back from the break "D" gets her revenge. Johnny Carson opens himself up by asking her, "What do you look at first in a man?" "D" sees the offered chin and replies, "stand up." The audience goes crazy! Johnny shyly stands up and "D" starts to giggle like a little girl. The audience starts to laugh too. Finally she says, "a mans chest, I look at that first." Johnny sticks out his chest and "D" says only half seriously, "very nice." It's a very enjoyable and revealing Johnny Carson episode and Dorothy was just radiant that day.

You can download the whole interview at the "Sound Bytes" page. Below are some pictures from the episode. I have arranged them in chronological order of events in the episode. Enjoy!

Johnny Carson
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