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Louann Fernald's Tribute

Louann was the June 1979 Playmate of the Month and a close friend of Dorothy. They becames friends in November of 1979 and attended many Playboy promotions and car shows together. Louann really cared for Dorothy and saw in Dorothy a truly kind, honest, gentle person. 

In Louann's words: "Dorothy taught me to always look beneath the surface of people and things, to challenge myself, to always follow my heart, and to treasure the intangible things that make life worth living; love, laughter, passion, and compassion."

Louann has written a detailed account of her coming into the Playboy world and her eventual meeting and friendship with Dorothy. She has declined to talk about this in the past out of respect for Dorothy's memory and has avoided interviews or TV specials that wanted her to talk about those times. Louann has been kind enough to now share this important chapter of her life with

In addition to this Louann has decided to also share some important personal memories of her time with Dorothy that provide a unique insight into the kind of person Dorothy was.

Let us all send thanks and blessings to Louann!

Louann then,

And today.

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