My desire in creating this site is to share with you, the visitors to this site, the special magic I believe is found in beauty. Dorothy was gifted with this magic. This magic of beauty, as I call it, is not simple appearance. It is instead a language through which the best of what is, expresses itself in an attempt to trigger in us, gently and subtly, those divine qualities of love, compassion and self-sacrifice that indeed are our true God given nature. Each day that we don't love, that we don't realize the love existing already within each of us, the world as a whole is diminished. 
 Dorothy was a gift to me because her beauty had the ability to speak to my heart and reveal the love that lay within. Because Dorothy died so young most people just think, "what a waste." Yet I believe that if just one life became better for her having lived then her life was not lived in vain. Even though I never knew her, through her beauty, she taught me to love. I know I cannot be alone in this. Some of you must also have been touched by her in a similar way.

 My desire for this site is that you who were and continue to be inspired by Dorothy to realize your full potential as lovers will help in the construction of this site. You can do this by sharing your experience of Dorothy. Whether you knew her personally or have just seen pictures of her does not matter. If you have felt the delicate touch of her beauty communicating to your heart, then you are welcome to share. I will slowly compile your accounts and in time incorporate them into the pages of the site. I want this site to literally be composed of what I know Dorothy would want to shine in each of us, our love.

 E-mail me with your thoughts. If you have a story to share or a picture of Dorothy you would like to add to the site then just contact me. Are you a poet? Dorothy loved poetry. Share your best love poems. This site is for each of you. I will try to put as many of the best photos that I have of Dorothy on this site. Be inspired by them. Allow her beauty to speak to your heart as it did to mine. And remember always to love.

Why Have I Created This Site?

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