This is the second attempt to tell the story of Dorothy. I must give this film high marks for it's technical accuracy in the recreation of the environments the main characters found themselves in and the accurate reproductions of the poses and layouts that Playboy shot of Dorothy. My "BIG" complaint with this film is that it should have been called, "The Paul Snider story". The focus of this film is on his character. Every other character in this movie simply plays a supporting role to Eric Roberts powerful Snider portrayal. Many of the characters in this film are no more than manikins for Eric to play off of. We see Paul's pain, Paul's conflict, Paul's disappointment. Ultimately by the end of the film we see how everything that happened to Paul was brought on by himself. Though he blamed others, it was he through his socially retarded and immature understanding of life, love and purpose that was his undoing. This is an important story to be sure and should be told, but we learn nothing of who Dorothy was. Even the title of the film STAR 80 was the license plate of the car Paul drove, not Dorothy. Mariel was made to look like Dorothy in many of the perfectly reproduced poses, but that is all. Dorothy in this film is reduced to no more than a 2D photo, no depth, no inner struggle, just a pretty face. None of Dorothy's magic shone forth. People that knew her or met her were literally blown away by her inner beauty and kindness. All that was conspicuously absent in this film. Dorothy's story has not yet been told, in books or film. One day it might. Let us wish very strongly for that day.

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