Westwood Memorial Park Cemetery

Westwood Memorial is a beautiful and peaceful little cemetery. This is Dorothy's final resting place and for those of you that have never been there but have always wanted to I thought I would create this page.

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Get your
bearings from this map.

Looking out from
the main office.

Looking from the office
towards Dorothy's Grave by those two guys on the right.

This majestic tree
guards Dorothy's grave.

Approaching her grave.

Dorothy's grave is
one of the prettiest
in the whole cemetery.

Her grave
at the base of the tree.

A close up of my
25th anniversary bouquet
with one of my poems and a smiling Dorothy.

A shaded bench
offers a quiet place to think
with a perfect view of her grave.

Across from Dorothy
is a beautiful outdoor Mausoleum.

Inside the Mausoleum.

Another shot from inside.

Marilyn Monroe's tomb
 well worn from so much touching and tribute kisses.
See the lipstick kisses?

Looking towards the 
Main Office from
Marilyn Monroe's side.

Same shot but a little
closer to Dorothy's grave.

Westwood Memorial Park
1218 Glendon Avenue
Westwood. L.A. CA 90024
Tel: (310) 474-1579

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