Dorothy's Appointment Book

It is a great joy to present to you this exclusively unique and rare item, Dorothy's own appointment book. This is truly one of the prizes of the Dorothy Stratten Website. It is wonderful in that you have the opportunity to read Dorothy's own thoughts in her own hand. These personal notes detail her life during the period from November 13, 1978 to July 1, 1979. There are also some notes after that time which are not dated. This Appointment book was loaned to me by one of the most loyal Dorothy fans. Let us all extend our best thoughts and thanks to this person for their trust and kindness. For the privacy and protection of the people mentioned in the book I have blanked out any phone numbers. These appointment book images are the exclusive property of the Dorothy Stratten Website and any unauthorized sale, reproduction or publication of these images is strictly prohibited. That being out the way please enjoy this extremely rare snap shot of an incredibly unique and precious life.

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