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Poorman's Pictorial
In the quest for premium quality Dorothy pictures often poor quality pictures are the only type found in newspapers or magazines. Because of their poor quality I have not put them up on the site. But many fans have asked me to post them anyway. So this new poorman's pictorial makes no apologies for quality and happily presents for you this unique collection of low quality Dorothy pictures.
Poorman01 Poorman02 Poorman03 Poorman04 Poorman05
Poorman06 Poorman07 Poorman08 Poorman09 Poorman10
Poorman11 Poorman12 Poorman13 Poorman14 Poorman15
Poorman16 Poorman17 Poorman18 Poorman19 Poorman20
Poorman21 Poorman22 Poorman23 Poorman24 Poorman25
Poorman26 Poorman27 Poorman28 Poorman29 Poorman30
Poorman31 Poorman32 Poorman33 Poorman34 Poorman35
Poorman36 Poorman37 Poorman38 Poorman39 Poorman40
Poorman41 Poorman42 Poorman43 Poorman44 Poorman45
Poorman46 Poorman47 Poorman48 Poorman49
Poorman51 Poorman52 Poorman53 Poorman54
Poorman55 Poorman56