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Dorothy Scrap Book
On the following pages you will find a continuing collection of articles from magazines, newspapers and tabloids about Dorothy. Each one has it's own view and spin on her life. Let these pages be a kind of scrap book for us. As I get new stuff I will add it to the collection. I really want your help on these pages. If you have magazines or articles that you want to see up here then please contact me and I can see about getting them scanned for the site. The quality of these scrap pages are not always the best and many of the stories are down right stupid and rude. But many have really great pictures and sometimes little tidbits of info. I have made them all GIF files so they are real big and load quickly. Also there is one large Dorothy interview that is completely in French. I now have a English translation courtesy of Denis Monette the Journalist who interviewed Dorothy. He did the translation just for this site!
I hope you enjoy this Dorothy Scrap Book.
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