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I was on your site when I found among the picture galleries, my photo
with Dorothy, as I was interviewing her when she came to Montreal before her death. Not long before.

I am Denis Monette, and I was the journalist for the magazine Le Lun di at that time. I met Dorothy and she was a very nice person. I remember she was shy, but so gentle, While we did the interview in her hotel room she received a call from her jealous husband who was asking to whom she was giving an interview, and she said «with a female journalist» as she was scared of his possible reaction. The interview was published a few weeks after that and she signed a copy for me of the Playboy on which she was on the cover. She signed it to my son, Michael, who was at that time, 17 or 18, I guess.

So, this was my only meeting with Miss Stratten, but I felt very saddened by her death. I will never forget the charming young lady who deserved a better destiny than fate had in mind for her. But, honestly, I was more than surprised to see this picture of her and me on your site. With the passing years, I left the journalism field and became a writer. I now write novels which are best-sellers all through the French part of Canada.
At least now you will have a name to place under that photo of Dorothy and I.


Denis Monette

I was surprised and happy to receive this email from Denis Monette the journalist interviewing Dorothy in this photo.