There has been a host of books and articles written about "D". Though they agree on some details you will be surprised at how different the accounts are from one another. Each seems to have their own agenda. My general feel from having read them all, is that Dorothy's truth seems to have been lost in them. Who was "SHE"? How did "SHE" feel about everything? We can only attempt to piece it together from her writings and actual interviews and from the testimony of those close to her that really cared about her as a person and not for what they wanted to get from her financially, emotionally or psychologically. We have to remember that Dorothy was just a young girl with low self esteem who was abruptly thrust into a world where everyone suddenly noticed and wanted her, sadly most often for their own reasons. I think that if we had the power to bring her back and show her what had transpired after her death that she would be very surprised and hurt. We can only hope that she has long ago found happiness in the eternal light of that ultimate truth ever standing firm as the ground of all existence. That "Love" be forever yours Dorothy.

"Picture Shows" is a book that reveals some of the most interesting things I have read about the events of her life and death. It seems very honest. I recommend it.

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