Bunny is supposed to be an expose' of all the misdeeds of the Playboy empire. The section on Dorothy is only two pages and is inaccurate. Names were even spelled wrong. So for this reason I would take anything it has to say against Playboy with a grain of salt.

Fallen Angels deals with all the tragic deaths of actresses in Hollywood.
Dorothy is given only one small uninformative paragraph in the back of the book. Almost like a footnote. If your a tabloid addict or death freak then you may like this book as it has some graphic pictures in it. I'll pass.

Dorothy L'Amour is a beautiful and powerful work of prose. Lynn Crosbie has used the events of Dorothy's life as a kind of frame work that she artfully fills in with her own imagination. In doing so she tells an important story and I believe teaches some important lessons about life. There are no heroes in this book, no one to hang on to or identify with. Left without a firm footing we can more perfectly experience the confusion and madness that marks life in this world. Lynn has obviously done excellent research and has incorporated subtleties of events and personalities in Dorothy's life that I myself had noticed and intuited in my own research. Truly an excellent work.

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