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Avery Schreiber, with his bear-like presence and inviting smile, is certainly one of the most recognizable people in America. He has become a friend to millions with numerous television appearances, both as part of the improvisational team of Burns and Schreiber, and as "The Cruncher" for Dorito corn chips, playing over thirty characters.

While Avery feels that his forte is live performing and is determined to include stage appearances in his repertoire, the comedian has found himself far too busy with films to pursue this aspect of his career. He has completed both SCAVENGER HUNT and CAVEMAN this year in addition to GALAXINA, and his schedule continues to be just as hectic in the coming months.
Avery has also been seen on the big screen in SWASHBUCKLER, THE LAST REMAKE OF BEAU GUSTE, and CONCORDE '80.

A very was a natural choice of Producer Marilyn J. Tenser for the role of the zany and uncouth Captain Butt in GALAXINA. His incredibly mobile face and bulging eyes elicit gales of laughter every time he appears on the screen. If the likes of Avery are indicative of what we have to look forward to in the 31st century, we will certainly be outraged and delighted -- and always entertained!

If the mellow voice of James David Hinton sounds exceptionally well-trained, it can be attributed to the years he spent as a disc jockey before moving into acting. Even in his formative years in Waco, Texas, he aspired to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. During his radio days, he began developing his stage presence by performing his own country-rock compositions in clubs.

Coupling his musical talents with his knowledge of the record business, James David ventured westward to seek his fortune in Hollywood. Luckily for filmgoers, friends in the music world convinced him to capitalize on his good looks and audition for television. When he landed a guest-starring role in SALVAGE I his first time out, he was forced to make a decision between acting and music, firmly believing that he needed to fully channel his energies in one direction. When parts in MORK AND MINDY and THE WALTONS followed in rapid succession, he was hooked on film!

Although he has other feature films to his credit, James David was really able to sink his teeth into the GALAXINA character of Buzz, the slightly screwball "doper" of the futuristic intergalactic mission. May he continue to illumine our starfields for light-years to come!

Although Stephen Macht has only been in Hollywood for three years, he has amassed a stack of credits that is most impressive. He has shown himself to be a compelling performer in starring roles in THE IMMIGRANTS and RING OF PASSION for television, and co-starring parts in such feature films as NIGHTWING, THE CHOIRBOYS, and THE MOUNTAIN MEN. He has starred in several television specials and has made guest appearances on many top-rated series. He is soon to be seen as a regular cast member in the series THE AMERICAN DREAM, presently in production for television.

In addition to his considerable acting skill, Stephen is well-educated and articulate. A former college professor, he holds a PhD from the University of Indiana and has authored an original screenplay and two one-act plays.

As the love struck Sergeant Thor in Marilyn J. Tenser's production of GALAXINA, he provides the earthy appeal that encourages the female robot to evolve toward becoming human. His masculine physique and ruggedly handsome face should increase the pulse rates of present-day females as well!