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Your Love Poems

This is the page where you will have the opportunity to share your artistic expression of that inner beauty that we all share but often repress and deny. I will update the page as new material comes in.

I have a vision in my mind's eye of your face.
The radiance of your smile draws me in
and reveals to me the warmest invitation.

Your shining eyes are brightly sparkling,
and I hear the echo of your spirit
calling out to mine, in silence, as if to say:

"Come, my dear, come closer, as close as you possibly can.

In this light, I realize you are more beautiful than I imagined.
You could not be close enough. Look deeply into my eyes,
and through them, enter into my soul.

For, even if our bodies were entwined they remain but two.
But to dwell, here, secure in the heart of my soul with you-
purely, inseparably, as one - is where I feel you closest
and long to hold you so near, if only for a moment.

In this moment, as we etch an indelible impression
of love into the essence of our true being,
we create a beauty to last a lifetime."

Oh! How I love your face and how it speaks to me!
For, it is the face of my heart's greatest desire.

Your eyes lead me, by the light of their passion
straight to the center of the totality of love,
to the heart of the matter and your eyes
are the fulfillment of my longing
for the truth of this love.

If ever I had a question, your eyes are the answer
and in them I don't need words.
A lifetime?
I love you beyond a lifetime.
With my heart and soul, I will love you eternally.

Nevermind, I already do.
My soul desires to speak to you a thousand truths,
just look into my eyes.

KM Witter

How shall the summer arise in joy is that trembling cry a song?
How shall the summer arise in joy coyotes are confounded & swim nowhere if the lion was advised by the fox.
He would be cunning. and the silver`s on my hair.

Joanna Bruno

With your beautiful eyes
you mesmerize.
With your lovely smile,
I lose my thoughts for a while.
We're never apart,
You're always in our hearts.

Florida, USA

Your light shined upon us l ike a star from up above 
You burst upon this world w ith a heart so filled with love.
You graced us with your beauty
You showed us you could act
But little did you realize
The evil you would attract.
You left so soon
You died too young
You could have had it all
If only you'd had never met a snake disguised as Paul.
Your with God now Dorothy
We all miss you so
How great a star you could have been we will never ever know.
If God would grant me just one wish
That wish for you would be that you would be alive today
For all the world to see.
Wishing you were here
Sweet Dorothy heaven is now your place
A tear may fall down my face
I think of you in God's good grace
But here on earth
I yearn for you
Your stunning beauty
Will last an eternity
Angel face


If I visited your grave
and stood on the ground above you
would you feel my presence there?
Would you know my love for you was real,
not based on your external beauty
but on your innocence,
your trust in others,
and the sense of wonder
that sparkled in your eyes of blue.
Could you feel my tears
as they dampen the earth between us?
Hear the silent scream in my voice?
and sense the sadness in my heart
for what this world did to you?
Would you reach out to me
to gently ease my sorrow,
whispering to me that the storms had past
and skies were forever blue?
And as I turn to leave
would you smile at me,
knowing that someone you never met
still cared and remembered you?

~Peter Miller

"The Dream and the Rose"
A whisper, a touch, a kiss

And I awaken slowly enfolded

In your arms and your

bright eyes hold me fast.

Once, I thought you gone
As did we all that August day.

My grief could not be measured
By mere words or tears.

I buried my feelings deep that day
And I interred them at your side
So that they wouldn't be lonely.

Oh, and I left you some roses.

Now here you stand again
At the door of my room,

Still as beautiful as ever.

You tell me my feelings awakened you?

Now you bring them back?
(Sigh) Alright. Put them back,

But be gentle.
Scott L. Spencer

Once in the lives of men
There appears to be a barren kiss
creative nonetheless pursuing
a truth not taught by the
purveyors of the promise of more.
D. F.

If tomorrow it ended
and the world went up in flames
I won't feel no sorrow
I'll be dancing in the rain.

My soul it has descended
from high above in the skies
the vision I'll remember
my reflection in your eyes.

I'm falling and I'm faded
but I will see it through
and destiny is calling
forever next to you.
Jeremy Bremer

For a Golden Maiden
Oh, sweet angel with the incandescent smile,
Your touch of magic and beauty
Still resonates upon our earth plane
As high as your lovely spirit soars.

No matter that your stay was so brief
As much as we mourn your absence
You belong to the Paradise Of Love
Where nothing dark can touch you.

Your bewitching innocence
And gentle heart
Embraces us as it embraced your loved ones
And that golden presence lives on.

So, golden maiden, walk to the light,
That welcomes you with Angels to guide
To a place where love never dies
And is shared and given without waning.

You will never fade from our memories
Nor will we ever stop missing you
But everything you touched will stay gold
Until we can join the glowing eternal place called Home.

From all of us, Dorothy, you are missed.
Colleen Raye Hollar

Lord help me find my love today,
I lost mine when you took Dorothy away.
The shine in the eyes that once sustained me
now looks on us with complete disdain.
We lashed out fiercely at an angels hand
and the punishment we deserve we cannot withstand.
So should you once again let us see her smiling face,
we will never let her get away.... LORD....PLEASE...
send us back our Dorothy today!
J. B. Kenn

Four angels to your bed.
Four angels around your head.
One to watch,
and one to pray.
and two to bear your soul away."

Good night, dear princess, and sweet dreams through eternity.
Jeff Young

August 14, 1980

This was the day I'll never forget,
It was Spring when I last saw her at the Algonquin.
She was an aspiring actress- beautiful Dorothy.
To young to pass the end of life.

Today, thirty-six later we visit her grave
At Westwood Cemetery.
Little colored lights and chimes
And trees surrounded by mammoth buildings.

Marilyn is there and Natalie Wood too
Companionable? Maybe a tale,
Yet maybe true.

2016 Peter Bogdanovich tribute-
"They All Laughed documentary"
Louise, family and friends reminisce-

These are memories that last
The tragedies never forgotten,
Chronicled by the people who entered her life.

Remembering this day 36 years ago
Beautiful Dorothy and her contagious laugh,
Her memory lingers.

As songbirds sing in the distance,
Stifled by stuffed plush buildings
With sunlight that dance upon her grave,

Send signals to those who knew her.

MG August 14, 2016

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