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It's nearly Halloween when a group of five children sneak into their town's legendary "Spooky House." It's the scariest place in town and its sole inhabitant, the "Spooky Guy," is the object of every kid's fear. Dressed in black with a fake Daliesque mustache and a turban, he walks through the waterfront town accompanied by a 320-pound black jaguar on a leash. The myths surrounding the Spooky Guy are powerful enough to scare even the town's bumbling bullies. What none of them knows is that the Spooky Guy is the Great Zamboni (BEN KINGSLEY), a world famous magician who has become an embittered recluse after the mysterious disappearance of his wife during the finale of his greatest magic act.

"Spooky House" is produced and directed by WILLIAM SACHS, who also co-authored the screenplay with his wife MARGARET SACHS. The independently financed film is the result of a desire by Sachs and his wife to create a really good children's film. "The reason we came up with this story, recalls Sachs, "is that we wanted to make a film we could show our kids. And it's hard to find a film that the whole family would want to see." The creation of the story actually included the whole family, as Sachs explains. "A lot of the ideas in this movie actually came from our own children. Some of the things that happen and some of the dialogue come from the way they talk. So it's partly a family movie because a family helped to create it."