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These are the pages where your opinions and feelings about Dorothy will be posted. I will update it periodically as new material comes in. I am very hopeful that together we can learn some important lessons about life and love. E-mail me with your thoughts. Names are not required but will be included if you provide them.

Thank you again on your beautiful website. I was reading the new addition of D comments and I agree with the person who thinks you should make a book about Dorothy. I have always wished that someone would make a book with her pictures in it. As you know, she has so many fans out there, I think it would fly off the shelf.  If you do decide to do something like that, please let me know.
I find myself to be a very big fan of Dorothy's. I went all over your site and am so very glad for all the info. It really meant a lot to me that so many people love her as I do.
The Dorothy Stratten Website just gets better and better! You have done such a wonderful job! Have her family seen this website? Whatever happened to them? I love to receive your email update because is full of new surprises about Dorothy. Thank you for your dedication. You always keep her memory alive.
Warmest Wishes,
I soooo appreciate your updates on the site and thank you for honoring her spirit by keeping her alive in the hearts of many. I know I will never forget Dorothy.
She was my idol.
Amelia Flanagan
I am a Vancouverite. I had the opportunity to visit Dorothy's gravesite this past month. What a beautiful tribute. I had the opportunity to visit her gravesite back in 2000. I have noticed that there are more statues and a picture of her as well. I thought maybe that a fan or someone from her family had placed it there. One of the most beautiful sites that I have ever seen. Also, the tribute to her on your website is absolutely beautiful. Hopefully one day her family will get to see it.
My name is Larry Niven. I am a freelance photographer for Musclemag from Vancouver BC. It was two models from Vancouver, Dorothy Stratten and Carla Temple who inspired me to take up photography in 1982. Dorothy's kindness and incredible beauty inspired a lot of people. I had the great pleasure on two occasions to meet the famous lens man Ken Honey. Like Pamela Anderson says, he is a very kind gentleman. When I brought up Dorothy Stratten with him he mentioned what all of us wish we could have done and that was to help steer her in the proper direction.
Anyways, you have a terrific site.
Larry Niven
Hi Steve,
I´m writing from Germany and I`m always looking for all about Dorothy. I
just wanted to say thank you for doing such a good site on Dorothy for all the fans in the world. I first saw Dorothy when I was a 16 year old young boy as the Playboy centerfold August 1979. At this time I was fascinated from this beautiful lovely and gentle person and I think that she had started a big career in the beginning of the 80`s in Europe too. Then came the day, the 14 August 1980, I remember when I hear the news that Dorothy was murdered by her husband Paul Snider I could not believe. Why ? I was shocked for a long time but I could not forget her all the times.
A friend from Germany
Hello Steve,
I just wanted to say that I truly loved your very thorough and special
website dedicated to the legacy of Dorothy.
I loved all the pictures, tributes and touching stories about Dorothy.
I felt a spiritual connection to her through your site.
I first learned of Dorothy as a teen in BC when I came across the
Killing of the Unicorn book. I was deeply moved and saddened by her short tragically ended life. I have since seen all the movies and specials
about her, and wish I could have known her. I think that, apart from her
absolutely stunning, angelic looks, people adored her because she was one of the kindest, selfless and gracious people.
I was happy to find your website which will keep the beautiful memory
of Dorothy alive.
Thank you!
My name is Bianca, I am from Brazil, I am 27 years old and I love DOROTHY STRATTEN.
Thanks and kisses....
I would just like to say that this is best website that I have been to...especially about Dorothy Stratten. I know that you must have put a lot of hard work into making this site something nice, and I must say very tasteful. You focus on her inner beauty as well as her physical beauty.  I remember hearing about what happened to her when I was a young girl and when I first saw a picture of her I really could not believe how beautiful this woman really was! I always wished I could be as attractive as she was. I live in a small town so a lot of people haven't even heard of her and when I tell them her just amazes them, and they feel so horrible about her death just as I did when I found out more about her. I have the movie 'They all laughed' she is just so precious in it! Anyway...I just want to say keep up the good work with this site, and I thank you for the neat stuff to look at and learn about on this site. Also I want to let you know that there is a small town girl in Virginia thinking of her, and keeping her memory alive!!!!!
I just found this site today, Christmas eve, what a pleasant surprise!
I was instantly attracted to her and followed some of the playboy articles about her. Watched some of the films she made, she would have become a big star, what a loss to humanity! She was deeply loved by many and will be remembered! Does her family know about this site?
Great job, all the best to you!
David R
Big fan of Dorothy's
To whom that it may concern,
I wanted to personally thank you for putting up such a great site in memory of a great and beautiful woman. Everything she did was truly wonderful. I truly believe that if there were more people as special as Dorothy was the world would truly be a wonderful place to live in.
Thank you and God Bless! 
I just want to thank you for creating this web site. I'm grateful to find such a positive tribute to such a beautiful woman! She was beautiful in every way!
I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your site - I have been a big fan of Dorothy's since the first time I saw her. I enjoyed looking at the photos taken of Dorothy at the car show. You see, I was one of the lucky ones that actually got to meet Dorothy at a car show during her brief life. It was January, 1980 in Dallas, Texas, and she was appearing signing autographs with other Playmates at the show. I still have the autograph to this day - I have never seen another one to this day, although I am an autograph collector. I also had the opportunity to visit Dorothy's grave at Westwood Cemetery when I was in California. I thought it appropriate that this beauty queen was buried in the same cemetery as Marilyn Monroe. I just wanted to thank you for creating such a nice tribute to someone that I have always admired. Keep up the good work and take care.
Greg Smothermon
Frisco, Texas
I'm one of your long-time fans, and have praised you several times before for the blessings and the gift of this website for Dorothy, so that all of us can treasure her. I want to thank you all over again for keeping the site here, increasing your images and information in the collection, and maintaining the website, and also giving me peace and joy that there is a place that treasures the beauty and fineness that Dorothy was. I was so glad to visit this evening, my thoughts still go out to Dorothy, I thought of her fondly tonight and it was so great to type in your URL on a strange computer, on a remote network in a strange place far from home and find you and Dorothy are still there on the web. It was very comforting and pleasing. THANK YOU.
Dorothy will always be in MY heart, I'm so glad she's in yours and many other people's too. What a treasure she is, was.
Of course, like every other healthy young male, I picked up a copy of Playboy each month at the newsstand.  I can remember the exact moment when I first saw Dorothy's angelic image looking back at me from that page. I kept it in a special drawer where my wife couldn't find it and got it out and stared at it occasionally.  There was an innocent ephemeral quality about her beauty. Her visage was one that you felt you could see right through to her soul and her soul was pure. Her attitude seemed to be, "what's all the big deal about, I'm just a girl, just a person. But she wasn't "just" an anything. She was one of a kind. Beauty, wholesomeness, openness, all wrapped up in one gorgeous package. To this day, I still love her although I never met her. I bet Hugh Hefner still loves her. I bet had she lived, she would have been his all-time favorite of the mansion girls.
Keep up the great work and just be aware I am sure there are thousands of us guys that remember Dorothy Stratten well and always will. I am 59 years old now but the specter of her beauty still floats in and out of the mansion of my mind.
Reg Manwaring
I just wanted to leave you this little message. I met Peter Bogdonovich at his book signing in 1998 in Toronto and he was very nice to me. I asked him if I could be an extra on the TV movie he was filming then and he said yes. It was obvious that my overwhelming resemblance to Dorothy Stratten affected him immensely. A few weeks ago I ended up coincidentally on his new movie he was filming in Toronto as an extra. I was placed on his film not knowing it was him directing it. I ended up in the front row at the Skydome and he right away recognized me. I got a message to him, I am a Christian and I hoped God would bless him with his new project. I ended up getting a little special extra scene. He was very happy to get my note and see me there. I also left my pager number and maybe in the future he will be directing me in a movie. The point of this story is the overwhelming sadness in his eyes took me aback! After all these years through his glasses the sadness was almost penetrating. He will never get over Dorothy Stratten and my resemblance to her just brought back so many memories to him. The movie was also based in the eighties. The aura of sadness is still so present after all these years it's almost unbelievable! His love for her is like it just happened yesterday! The kind of love he had for her takes my breath away. I know myself being on his set brought him happiness which I can tell is rare in his life now! Here is a picture of me. Your website is so classy and special, I believe Dorothy Stratten would have loved it!  

I love your site. I was born and raised in Vancouver and still live in East Vancouver. In fact, I live two and a half blocks away from East Hastings Street and Lakewood Drive.  That is the location of the Dairy Queen where Dorothy worked. It is still there. I was only twelve when she was murdered but do remember her from a performance on "The Alan Hamel Show." She was the most beautiful woman to walk the earth. I am proud to come from the same hometown. Bryan Adams, another Vancouverite, recorded a song called "The best was yet to come" about Dorothy. I sure that you already know that but it would be nice to read the lyrics if you were able to get them published on your site. I am glad I found your site. I was watching "Star 80" on the weekend with my 20 year old daughter and had to point out all of the mistakes. She wanted to know more about her. I "Googled" and it  produced your website. I am sure that Dorothy would be proud of your site and very touched by all of the hard work you have done.
Yours Truly,
Brenda Galloway

Hi, there. My name is Clayton from Kelowna, British Columbia. I just want to say your website dedicated to Dorothy is superb! I've been a fan of hers for years and I really enjoyed all of the photos and tidbits of info. I never met her, but I do remember when she was killed [ I was 11 ]. I remember everyone was talking about  the Playboy Playmate from Vancouver who was murdered by her boyfriend [ husband ] for weeks. I also lived on Pandora St. in Vancouver in 1989, two blocks directly behind the Dairy Queen where she worked, and like everyone else always thought of her whenever I went in. Anyway, terrific site!
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful website on Dorothy.  She truly was spectacular, wasn't she? I have been a fan for years, and have been a fan of your website for quite some time too! I actually had a chance to speak to Paul Snider's brother a few years ago. He was still, 20 plus years later, very apologetic for what happened. It was interesting having the chance to speak with him. Very friendly fellow.
Anyway's, thanks again for the website. It's terrific.
Kelley Anne
Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.  - James Dean
I've always been a fan of Dorothy Stratten. Shocked by her death 23 years ago. Your dedication to her memory is to be applauded. This is a beautiful web site which you dedicated to her to keep her memory alive. Keep up the good work. You must have also been struck by her death. She was one beautiful lady.
Jeffrey Lee
I am a 18 year old girl from Stockholm, Sweden. I have just become a Dorothy Stratten fan and I love your Site! I think she´s the one and only. God bless her.

Dorothy Stratten was a truly unique woman. She was self-sacrificing, kind, and had inner-beauty that truly matched her outer beauty. Her life was truly sad, but victorious in that she touched and reached many individuals before her untimely departure. Her beauty is truly intense, and few faces today match hers. If a movie were made of her today, who knows who could play her, and do her justice. Dorothy, if you're up there, you're loved by many.
David C. Campano

I was 16 when I first saw the August 79 issue of Playboy, and instantly I was smitten with Dorothy. I was a young man from Vancouver Island, and did not have a vast experience of beautiful women until that day. I found myself constantly looking at the layout, not only at her obvious physical beauty, but in her eyes that seemed to compel me with a deep yearning to meet her someday. As I said I was deeply taken and often dreamed and hoped she would meet and fall in love with me. A school boys crush you might say. As time went by, and the months past I dreamt and hoped. The following summer when I heard that she had been killed, I was devastated. I believe I actually spent hours on end pledging my eternal affection. As days and weeks turned to months I slowly came out of my disbelief and moved forward, still with a deeply broken heart. A couple of years later in the summer of 83, I was able to find a rather detailed account of her life and what led to her death. Again, I was overwhelmed with thoughts of Dorothy. You would think at age 20, I would have had a much better grasp on things but I found myself dreaming again...Always dreaming and wishing and hoping, against hope. In 1985, I took up with a very beautiful young lady, she, incidentally is almost the spitting image of Dorothy, I think that was what actually attracted me to her. In a rather ironic twist of fate she was abused and controlled by her ex-boyfriend. His name was Paul..We moved away to Calgary soon after and started a family. Today I have a great family and two wonderful daughters age 17 and 11. Both Daughters born in August.
"Still thinking of Dorothy to this day."

I think your website that is devoted to Dorothy Stratten is very touching. I'm a fan of hers too. What I find so refreshing about her is that she was a natural beauty. That is something that isn't found in Playboy anymore. Dorothy didn't have any plastic surgery at all. Her breasts and full lips were hers. She was a stunningly beautiful young woman with a soft, soothing voice that you want to hear before you go to sleep. She's proof that not all gorgeous women are airheads. She was a talented poet. Thanks for paying a nice tribute to someone who shouldn't be forgotten. I think her little sister Louise would be touched by your website if she ran across it.

I just recently learned about Dorothy Stratten through a friend. I really loved her life and I was so sad when I found out how she lost her life. A lot of people think I resemble her and I am so flattered by that. I want to thank you for making such a great tribute to this fallen star.
God Bless,
Jen Michaels

This is the best tribute on any celebrity that I've seen. I remember growing up and knew who Dorothy Stratten was when I first heard of Galaxina. You did such a wonderful job! I wasn't a fan of hers but her story was so tragic that I wanted to know more about this talented beautiful woman. May Dorothy forever rest in peace.
Yours truly,

For so many years, I have been reading about Dorothy and looking for pictures and stuff to see what she looked like and movies to see how great her acting was..But I have to admit this is the most information I've ever seen on her. I was only 4 years old when she died, But I remember seeing it on the news and how terribly sad it was, especially being that she was sooo beautiful and so young. I also have the blonde hair, the blue eyes and I can also really identify with what her thought processes may have been. I am also a survivor of domestic violence that nearly cost me my life.
Thank you for this site.
Jennifer Sales

Thank you for the lovely pictures of Dorothy, your website never fails to remind me how beautiful she was... many thanks!

Thank you so, so much. I have immensely enjoyed your beautiful website for some time...
Since discovering this website, I have always thought that a book of her pictures (not nude of course) put together in the form of a coffee table book sharing her short but inspiring life would be terrifically popular for people who are still fans of this remarkable woman some twenty years later.... A true tribute and celebration to this beautiful woman taken from us too soon. YOU, of all people, I believe would be able to do this. And I certainly hope this is something you would consider doing. Again, thank you for your dedication, love and loyalty to Dorothy Stratten's memory.

Your dedication amazes me. You are to be commended for your efforts to keep the memory of such a beautiful person alive. Dorothy's real beauty, as you obviously realize, was and is in her soul. That mainstream society refuses to acknowledge this fact is sad. I think there has been improvement though, due to people such as you, who try to show the truth.
Thanks again,

Thank you so much for all the effort that I know has gone into making this site about Dorothy. You have done a magnificent job. I cannot think of a single thing I would want to change. What a lot of extensive research, and collecting has been done to bring this whole thing together. Only you know the true effort involved, I can only guess, but it must be a staggering total. The depth of the collection is really impressive. Dorothy touched me with her beauty when she first appeared in Playboy, and I have never forgotten, she shone right out of the pages and left an indelible mark in my brain. I have two of her movies and still have kept that Playboy spread, and I have read Peter Bogdanovich's book. What a tragedy of immense proportions that her life was ended!
Thank you again, I'm delighted to have found your site, and what a respectful and beautiful tribute to her.
Peter Hoyles

Dear Steve,
My name's Chiara and I'm a 26-year-old woman. I was only 3 when Dorothy left us. As many other people, her story had (and still has) a big influence in my life since I read about her for the first time more than 16 years ago. I want to thank you with all my heart for this amazing, great, beautiful and loving site dedicated to our Dorothy. I can feel your love in making this the most beautiful site about Dorothy Stratten. I'm so very curious about her, I'm a regular of your site and I always wait for new items to come out...I really needed to let you know that I love what you've done to keep Dorothy's memory alive. Please keep on with your excellent job.
Best regards.

Thank you so much for all the effort that I know has gone into making the site about Dorothy. You have done a magnificent job. I cannot think of a single thing I would want to change. What a lot of extensive research, and collecting has been done to bring this whole thing together. Only you know the true effort involved, I can only guess, but it must be a staggering total. The depth of the collection is really impressive. Dorothy touched me with her beauty when she first appeared in Playboy, and I have never forgotten, she shone right out of the pages and left an indelible mark in my brain. I have two of her movies and still have kept that Playboy spread, and I have read Peter Bogdanovich's book. What a tragedy of immense proportions that her life was ended! Thank you again, I'm delighted to have found your site, and what a respectful and beautiful tribute to her.

Your dedication amazes me. You are to be commended for your efforts to keep the memory of such a beautiful person alive. Dorothy's real beauty, as you obviously realize, was and is in her soul. That mainstream society refuses to acknowledge this fact is sad. I think there has been improvement though, due to people such as you, who try to show the truth.
Thanks again,

I would first like to say that I think you have done an excellent job on this site very informative, with a lot of unseen pictures and articles. Keep up the great job!!!! I have one question ...I was surprised to see when the site first recently ...what made you start it so recently.........? I first saw Dorothy Stratten when I was 10 years old...I saw the movie Galaxina.....I instantly was mesmerized by her...and wanted to know who she was.....unfortunately my father had explained to me that just that summer she was killed.....I didn't know her at all, but was so overwhelmed and saddened by it.......and I was only 10..!!!!! Later on in life I had come across her pictorial in her playmate of the year edition of playboy which I still have in excellent condition...and a special which I taped that aired on "The Playboy Channel" called "A Portrait of Dorothy Stratten" which I believe may be the same as "The Untold Story"..but I'm not sure....! I guess I'm writing this because every man has an image of the girl of their dreams and many times we have a hard time putting a face on that girl and its usually blurry or is constantly changing in our minds eye...but ever since I saw her when I was 10 I knew what that girl looked like for me.......she was so genuine, and unspoiled and down to earth, she had the most hauntingly deep eyes, the type that can truly see right through someone's soul..even now when I see them they give me the chills....I never knew her, but wish I always could have if only for a day and envy the people that did...I still feel saddened by her untimely death, and still a little bit shocked when I think about it..!! Its easy to understand why you created this site......Its also comforting to see that she had the same effect on other people as well. I hope you keep this site up, you are truly doing an excellent job!!!!!!
Take care.......Mike

I love this site so much! I've been a fan of Dorothy's for several years now, and am so glad to see this wonderful tribute site. I just finished reading the interview with the director of "Galaxina" and loved it. I think you've done a great job on the site. There's a lot of things on here I've never seen, and I've searched for more info on Dorothy online before with no results until now. I really agree with you on that Dorothy's life wasn't a waste, she was a person who had a lot of inner beauty also. I think another reason I have such a strong feeling for her is that I'm a crime victim. I know the pain she had with living with an abusive husband, as I've had this also, but not from a husband, but from another family member. It's my hope that all victims will not be full of hate and bitterness but see that there's still beauty and goodness in the world, and to me Dorothy is a symbol of goodness. I love all the pictures. I learned how to make my own screensavers, and have one of my favorite people, so I'll be putting more Dorothy pictures on it. Thanks again for this wonderful site, I think it's very well done. Keep up the good work.

Thanks so much for creating this great website about Dorothy Stratten. It is the first "true" Dorothy website I have ever seen. Instead of a website about her being a playboy playmate and being murdered it is actually about her life. I never knew much about Dorothy until I saw the E! True Hollywood story about her and ever since then I have tried to find websites about her and most of them were very mediocre but this is the first one that really gives some insights to the real Dorothy. The Dorothy that was not just what you saw in playboy or in her films. Thanks so much again.
RSR Ohio.

I've been a huge fan of Dorothy for a long time and it is hard to find things about her. I was so happy to find your site. It's very sweet and respectable. Dorothy would be happy to see that you took the time to see past her physical beauty. I admit the first thing about her that caught my attention was her beauty. When I was a little girl I found a box of my dad's Playboy collection and I saw the Playmate of the Year issue for Dorothy. I'm from Canada and I'm very proud of her. Because of her she has inspired me to be in Playboy, even though some people have accused Playboy of exploiting her. I don't agree with this but I don't have anything against anyone who feels this way, I don't blame them. Either way we all have something in common, we love Dorothy Stratten!
Thank You, Soon to be named: Miss July

I watched the E! True Hollywood Story on Dorothy Stratten [and taped it] I just think it's devastating. I wish she was here right now. If she was here, I'd give anything to meet her in person. And to tell her anything at all! Although I'm 17, she passed away 4 years before I was born, I wish I knew her personally.
Thank you so much for having this great website!

Hi , my name's Marzia and I am Italian girl. I am Dorothy Stratten's fan and I saw Star 80 movie many times. It's very hard to think about Dorothy's tragedy . She was a very beautiful girl, with many talent and charisma. She died at 20 in 1980 but she live again in memory of millions fans and people who known her. She was a true star and she is today. I felt so sad when I saw the movie about her life, but I think she never dies. The beauty and the grace never dies. I want express my congratulation for this site: it's very beautiful, like Dorothy ...
Ciao da Marzia, fan di Dorothy .

I saw your posts on the Hollywood net. and it inspired me to visit your website. This is really a nice memorial to a sweet woman. I worked as an extra on the film They All Laughed. I did not get to talk or meet with Dorothy though, I wished I had. I did meet the director Peter Bogdanovich, he was really intense, he was nice to all of us and bought us dinner one evening. Dorothy was so young and so innocent and died so tragically. I love all the pictures and stories you posted, it brings back great memories.Take care,

We should all stand and give this "TRUE" Dorothy Stratten fan, a standing ovation. You deserve it because "YOU" have been the only one so far who has been able to create a web site for Dorothy that is not only exceptionally creative but also beautiful. From the pictures to the sound bytes......Dorothy Stratten would be proud. You have moved me to tears tonight sir...this is coming from a fan who first read about Dorothy's story in The Killing of the Unicorn. I had no idea who she was but after reading that book, I tried hard to get my hands on any material that talked about Dorothy. Her beauty was so ethereal that I would spend hours staring at the photos in the book...yes I have now memorized every page in that book. It's not that I was obsessed with her it was that I wish I could go back in time and save her, save her from such a horrible death.
There is something about Dorothy that just draws us to her...she reminds me of an Angel, an Angel who was so good that her husband had to destroy. I remember having a dream about her, I was standing over her grave crying and she came by and handed me a red rose and just smiled and walked away. I do believe it is the goodness and kindness in her very being that attracts us all to her...sort of like a moth to a flame.....You deserve an award for this beautiful site and I wish you all the luck with your project. Now the fans of Dorothy Stratten finally have something decent and beautiful that we can go to, to keep Dorothy alive in our hearts.
Thank you,
Devoted Fan

Seldom have I ever seen a web page that was constructed with as much love and thoughtfulness as your dedication to Dorothy. You truly have captured the essence of what "D.R.S" was all about. I, like yourself, was moved at an early age by the tragic death of this special human being. Her story was a lesson in life for a young 8 year old that the cliché- "bad things only happen to bad people" was not entirely true. For me, "D" is with us whenever we look at a beautiful sunrise, gaze across a majestic mountain landscape, or witness random acts of kindness and humility from ourselves and other people.
David Mayans

Your website is getting to be such a wonderful tribute to Dorothy Stratten. I see your name all the time with Ebay bids and I never try to compete, because I know you will share your winnings with anyone who wishes to view the website. I enjoyed the model comp sheet and baseball magazine entries. I have mentioned your website to Ebay bidders for Dorothy and I love to see the popularity of this site. ( I remember when the visitors were under 10) You have a fantastic website and I really enjoy visiting over and over again.
In Appreciation, Susan.

I am writing from the U.K. I was so pleased and thrilled to find your site. It is such a beautiful tribute to Dorothy Stratten. I first became interested in Dorothy after reading a serialization of "The Killing Of The Unicorn" in the Daily Mirror in the U.K in the 1980's. I managed to get a hold of a copy of the book (with some difficulty!). It seems that sadly Dorothy is not as well known over here. That book changed me profoundly. I am younger than Dorothy, but my heart ached.....for the loss that Peter Bogdanovitch suffered and for the cruelty of the world, and for the loss of Dorothy. It seems she was so gentle and so rare. I vowed that when I had a daughter I would call her Dorothy in memory of Dorothy Stratten. Well, many years later I have. I had trouble conceiving (I had had cancer treatment) and a problematic pregnancy, but baby Dorothy Ruth arrived on 12/10/98. Keep up the good work. God bless you for having such a lovely site which is in no way distasteful. Best Wishes, Shirley.

I have been a Dorothy Stratten fan since I was a senior in High School. That was the year "The Killing of the Unicorn" came out. I bought that book along with a May 1981 Playboy that had a tribute to her. Fast forward ten years when I rediscovered them. They were even more profound to a 28-year-old than they were to the 18-year-old whose impact had already been felt. It was indescribable. I began thinking what would have happened if she had lived. Would she have stayed in Hollywood? Would she have been a writer? I seriously believe that her path would have been set for greatness in whatever she chose to pursue. She had the intellect, maturity, a strong personal foundation, all in addition to a crash course in street smarts. I still wonder! I've made a few pilgrimages to the Westwood Memorial Cemetery and plan to go again next month (it's difficult when you live in New Jersey!). Every time I've been there, there have been flowers, stuffed animals and other mementos. Though she has never been forgotten, I've wanted to connect to other people who have felt her brightness. When I first went online five years ago, I thought I would find others like me. At the time, though, only non-flattering information and statistics were accessible on the web. Imagine my excitement when I found your site! I sincerely thank you for your selfless dedication to her memory and tireless enthusiasm at maintaining her website. I believe because of you, she is now at peace. Many Thanks! KDA

I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed your site. I stumbled across it one day. I got interested in her by watching the movie Star 80 and I am reading her biography- killing of the unicorn. I was never able to find so much information other than your site. Let me know of any updates.
Jaime Valentino

I have been fascinated by her inner innocence and beauty and I feel no one else has even come close too. I just can't believe sometimes what a viscous society that we do live in. I mean, I just can't believe how vindictive Paul Snider was to her especially at the very end. I feel very appreciative of your website and feel that her family and Peter Bogdanovich are especially. This is by far the cleanest website about her that I've come across. Thank you for the time you took to show me and the rest of the world the way she truly was. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Elizabeth Wyckoff

Thank you for such an interesting and touching tribute site on Dorothy. It was nice to do a search on "Dorothy Stratten" and not just find naked stuff-ugh. It was so great to see some of your pictures-especially the modeling shots (I remember that auction :) ). You have a wonderful collection and I appreciate your generosity in sharing it. I'm glad that you included some of her poetry. People don't realize from any of the publicity about her that she even wrote poems. Her poems were so personal and gave such insight into the real "D". Melissa

Congratulations on your web site. I am most pleased to see how you are showing Dorothy Stratten. When I saw her Playboy pictorial back in 1979, I was truly left speechless. Dorothy and I were the same age, our birth dates were only 30 days apart. For some reason, when her playmate of the year pictorial was released, I became very upset upon seeing it. I never knew why. I still don't know why. I was a freshman in college and had a subscription to playboy. When I learned of Dorothy's death, I threw away all my issues of playboy. However, I have never forgotten how beautiful Dorothy looked.
I think of Dorothy from time to time.
David Lopez

First of all I want to say that I am 19 years old and the other day I was watching T.V. and as I was changing channels I saw this Beautiful woman and I was so impressed with her beauty that I couldn't continue changing channels, I really felt her sweetness that was inside of her. Since then I have been gathering information about her and I have also read books about her. When I tried to find information about her in the Internet I didn't find anything, but finally I founded a Full web page for Dorothy Stratten and I really want to tell you THANKS for doing this web page, It's very nice, like this the world can see and learn more about this Beautiful Angel that at one time existed and That it would be on our minds Forever.
Jorge Romero

I really appreciate that there is a non-exploitative website out there about Dorothy and one that does not mention the obsessed and sick men in her life. One of these men (Mr. CEO of Playboy) makes me absolutely sick to my stomach, it was just last month that he published nude photos of her in an attempt to "tribute" her. She was an incredible beauty. I have not seen anyone before or since with such a perfect face and unfortunately, her perfection probably didn't allow people to see how she truly was inside. When I think of some of the most classically beautiful women such as Catherine Deneuve, Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo, Michele Pfeifer, or sex symbols as Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson, they all pale in comparison. There is no doubt she would have been a major star, her rise from obscurity to fame in the span of two years remains unprecedented. Again, most unfortunately, she was discovered by the wrong individual (I cannot call him a "person") and modeled from the wrong people. She continues to be exploited twenty years after her passing. Incidentally, I agree with you about the Andrew Yule book. It seems more of a biography of Dorothy than of Bogdanovich. I wrote a review of it on, and it is probably the most honest, un-biased account of her life, murder, and the aftermath. Again thank you for putting this webpage together. I was continually checking back to see it and I'm glad you put it together.

Hi, I've really enjoyed your web site on Dorothy Stratten. You have so many pictures of her that I have never seen before. She was really beautiful outside and apparently inside from what I have read. Today is the 20th anniversary of her death and it's seems except for your web site, she is totally forgotten. I remember reading she took 15,000 pictures of which 16 or so were used for her June 1980 Playmate of the Year pictorial. I wish they would have a book of those pictures, I would love to see her pictures. Anyway, I keep checking your site for new items. I truly enjoy all the information you have on Dorothy Stratten. I've learned some new things about her.
Thanks, SM

I'd just like to say thank you for putting up It is necessary that the world know about her. I had planned on putting up a website also because I got so tired of doing a search of her and linking me to some cheesy sex site just to get my money. I own the domain for dorothy-stratten of course with the hyphen and had planned a site but from the looks of yours I don't know If I could've topped it. Anyway once again thanx for the perfect tribute to Dorothy and if in any way I could help let me know. I've got a lot of Dorothy stuff. I could scan some pics send in my reviews of her movies etc.
Alan "MoonMan" Mooney

Her destiny was not as odd as you think. Scattered throughout her life, there seems to be devastating and fateful psychological warning signs that seem to have been consciously dropped by her like the aimless petals of a dark and troubling flower. Was her interest in the 1980 Broadway production of "The Elephant Man" an unconscious and ironic indentification with John Merrick, the ugly, misshapen "freak" with the transcendent Christ-like soul ? Was she implying in a symbolic way that people's reactions to her incredible physical beauty blinded them to her inner pain and possibly contributed to the torment within her own soul? Here's to truth, love and beauty.....and you've made a honorable contribution.
Barry Miller

On August 14, 1980 I moved my possessions to another town where I was starting my life over. The morning of August 15 I turned on the radio and heard a somber voice saying, "Playboy's Playmate of the dead." At the time I didn't even know who Dorothy Stratten was, but in the following years I've read extensively about her and have become familiar with her short life. I feel as though her passing coincided with a turning point in my own life. Your site is excellent and I look forward to eventually seeing her appearance on "The Tonight Show" and on "Fantasy Island", which I have never seen.
Thanks again--MB

Thanks for the Dorothy website. My name is Bill Frazier, I'm 34 years old, and in a way I have a connection to Dorothy. I was 14 years old in 1980 and my sister Karen was an (almost playmate) in 1980. She was interviewed on the "playboy roller disco pajama party in 1979 as one of the playmates of the 80's, although she reneged just before it went to press. When the show came on I was instantly smitten by Dorothy Stratten, kinda a teenage crush. I was supposed to go visit my sister in California in 1980 and all I kept asking her was "please introduce me to Dorothy." Well within weeks she was dead and I was devastated and didn't go on my trip. Over the years I always wondered what would have come of Dorothy's career. She was so beautiful and would have gone far. I just want to say thanks for your tribute to her beauty with your website. I still have her playmate of the month issue as well as her playmate of the year issues and still look at them once in awhile! Thanks, Billy Frazier.

First of all, let me say I feel like I am in shock.Your site is beyond what I ever expected to find. I was so pleased and astounded to find all the pictures and surprises you have on your site. I will tell you a bit about me. My name is Mike, 34, from Coquitlam BC. I didn't know Dorothy myself, but I do know a bit about her. We went to the same high school, "Centennial Senior Secondary" here in Coquitlam. Of course she was a few grades ahead of me. I have heard conflicting reports as to what Dairy Queen she worked at, the one in Coquitlam or the one on Hastings Street in Vancouver. I have always believed it to be the Hastings location, and I do get chills anytime I go there. I have a copy of Playboy's Untold Story video and agree with you that it's the best. It's a little weird watching the scene where she is walking through Coquitlam Centre shopping mall, looking in the stores. I have probably walked in the same spot she has a million times. I have also seen her gravesite in Westwood CA. It is fitting that its in the same cemetery as Marilyn's and even Natalie Wood. I think I have found myself a home on the net. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful site. I'm sure I will be writing often!
Mike Howard

I want to pay compliment to you web page in honor of Dorothy Stratten.Finally a page that is informative of her background along with never before seen photos. Her life and story has always fascinated me. Currently I am trying to obtain a copy of the E True Hollywood Story featuring Dorothy during it's premier January 16th 2000. I did not know about the segment until I found the information under one of your categories on the web page.Thank you for your time and for the remarkable web page you created in honor of DRS.
Louie Allison

Dorothy is of the most beautiful Playmate EVER!! I really enjoyed your site. It's great to know there are other people out there who truly appreciate this beautiful special woman. I hope you keep the site up and running.

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