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Hello (webmaster) Steve:
I guess my comments and best wishes might be placed under "D" comments... (I apologize for this length...)  But mostly I just wanted to email and express my compliments to your tribute to Dorothy Stratten. I absolutely feel that your website is very special to the beloved memory of Dorothy Stratten.  I am also a fan from afar, and I certainly feel she was much more beautiful inside and out than the characters that played her in the movies about "the death of a playmate". I read the interview with Elise Cash and just couldn't stop reading.  What a tragic memory Elise had to live with at such a young age of her friend, Dorothy.  I also loved the sound bytes you provided and especially enjoyed the appearance Dorothy had on Johnny Carson.  Her eloquence during that interview also revealed that she was aware of the entrapments and superficiality of Hollywood.  All of the pictorials and photographs are enjoyable to look through.  They really capture a time in history and the inner beauty of Dorothy.
What a beautiful spirit.  I hope that you continue to receive plenty of feedback and contributions and that your website only grows from this point on.  I believe that Dorothy would have survived the tragedies that she encountered during that particular time period if she were new to Playboy in the here and now.  She would not have been a victim in her situation with her killer, as protection laws have been made since, and most likely no one (her friends) would have allowed her to meet Paul by herself in today's world.  Her beautiful face is timeless, and I personally feel she had a lot more to offer both inside and out than some of the more recent Playboy models, namely Pamela Anderson.  Thank you for making a tribute to such a humble, wholesome, sweet person and sharing all of the lovely photographs and pictorials she was involved with.  I think it is only fitting that she was laid to rest in that beautiful cemetery with some of the greats of Hollywood and not far from Marilyn Monroe herself.  I hope that someday Dorothy's family, her mother and Louise, become aware of this website tribute to Dorothy and appreciate all that it has to offer.  In a world where the media loves to tear down people and Hollywood is media-driven with consumerism and elevates some poor role models, it is truly refreshing to see your website as a light to remember beauty, kindness, and gentleness as something to be remembered and not something of the past.  Your website has made that permanent for Dorothy's legacy.
Thank you again. 
God Bless,
Your web pages are the best of Dorothy I have ever seen!!!!!  I'am glad that someone out there sees her for more that just flesh!!!!
                                                Love Tabby Mccullough
That's all I can say-just wonderful and what a tribute, had you met her?
What a tragic shame- so young a life.
Thanks for doing this.
I stumbled upon your website, quite literally. What took me back was the work you did on the website and in doing so you have preserved for "others" who Dorothy was. I did some reading on how she passed and have nothing but contempt for those involved (her Husband primarily but other around her
knew it was volatile and said/did nothing). If you have the time read what I have written below, it will make sense as to why I am indebted to your capturing of Dorothy (read through all of it :)).
I was raised Catholic, educated by Jesuit priests at a Catholic school and still recovering :). A senior priest once confided to me
he believed the human soul never went to heaven, but it was formed by the thoughts of others once we died - it was in essence how
others remembered us. To this day I believe in that, Dorothy lives on in our collective memories and what you have done is increase
others knowing of who she was.
It is people such as yourself that allow others that have passed to continue to live, it is my understanding of soul.
Your site has to be, by far, the most beautiful Dorothy Stratten site I have ever come across.She was such a beautiful woman inside and out.
And, by the way, I'm praying for your sister Susie
Susie is also a very beautiful woman with an amazing smile!!
Todd Golz
Plymouth, MA 
  I was very young the first time I saw the movie Star 80. And since then I have been so fascinated by Dorothy. She was such a beauty.
I stumbled across your site today and ended up here for hours!! I looked at every photo, read every article and story. Could not get enough!!
The site is great!! All I can say is WOW!! Hope to find more pics and info on my next visit!
I Love what you've done for Dorothy!  This is truley a Special web site and I LOVE  to visit here. 
Thank You for sharing with us ~  Your  BEAUTIFULL !
Oh! Also please add me to your private update list.
Much Love and Graditude,
Debra Sica-Swift
I just wanted to write and say that this website has come a long way since the late nineties.  I remember when I first checked this website out it was pretty general.  Today it has so much more information that I could never dream seeing.  It was my dream to see the Johnny Carson interview with the Dorothy in it and prior to this website it was impossible. 
Please keep all of your efforts going with this website.  It is the only website that is honest and clean.  It is so nice to see a person out there turning something tragic into a beautiful legacy.  Thank you for also making one of my dreams come true. 
I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving Holiday.  Thank you again and again!
Hi, my name is Julie from West Vancouver, B.C.
Dorothy and I were born in the same year and I have grown up in this city all my life. I just wanted to praise you on such a FANTASTIC WEB SITE. She would be so proud.
Could you please add me to your mailing list for future updates.
Thank you
I think the site is absolutely perfect! I admire all your efforts and I can understand that it sometimes wears you out. I hope you had a nice time in Maui and I think it's lovely what you have done, putting flowers on her grave. I am sorry that there were not too many people there. Maybe that's gonna be different the next time you visit her grave. I wished I could have been with you. I listened to her voice in the Johnny Carson show and she sounds so sweet that it makes me want to cry over what happened to her, even though I've never met her. She didn't deserve such a fate. Today I also visited a site that honours Sharon Tate. Both of them, Sharon and Dorothy got killed because of a psychopath and both were extremely beautiful. Dorothy will always be on my mind and with your help I will keep the memory of her alive. Thanks for everything you are doing to honour her.
As you may know, I'm a huge fan of Dorothy. This site is a true pioneer in endeavors that successfully serve as an educational tool that enlightens so many on who she really was.  I'm sure that if she herself could view the content of this site, she would be moved to tears. The love and devotion to this beautiful woman is so apparent and visable through each detail from the font, to the color scheme of each presentation. In particular, the section regarding her poetry was wonderful.  The theme of time, being ever so fluid shows significantly in her work.
So, keep up the good work.
Dave C. Campano
I think that this is a wonderful site. Quite a tragedy, for a girl so young and talented to die so young. It is quite an honor for you to have this site up. Good luck and keep up the great work.
Hello there Dorothy's Keeper of the Flame....
I dont often respond with Emails to web sites, the only exception being the wonderful web site for John Garfield the actor from the  40s and 50s. My favorite actor hands down. I came across your site quite by accident but it was meant to be. I had visited Westwood Memorial Park and was sending a friend who lives in Austria information on the cemetary. I went to google entered marilyns burial or something like that and your web site popped up on pages for WMP....What great photos...  I visited the park to pay my respects to Marilyn. It was near dusk so didnt have a chance to look around much. Thanks for the map, will use it when I go back. This is a superb web site, very well done, tasteful, colorful, discreet and a living memorial to Dorothy....I will tell you this...
Dorothy will always be on the Kings Highway, where all the lights are green...
I hope you set up a non-profit corporation to cover your expenses, it is a labor of Love with a capital L, but I would consider the nonprofit inc, many benefits for you...Thank You.  Need pictures of Dorothy's spot there in westwood, let me know, especially if you live out of state...
Bob Dudley   San Clemente, Ca,  World's greatest surfing
Great site.  I am a great Dorothy admirer. I respect what you have done. 
Hi Steve,
I think it's great that you made a site for Dorothy.  When I was in my 20's she was my inspiration to pose for Playboy. :) 
I sent my photo's in but,  was declined. :( 
Everything happens for a reason and it just wasn't meant to be i guess for me.  I am happy Dorothy had the chance to blossom in Playboy and beyond.  I am now the happy mother of two with a wonderful husband. :) 
God Bless you!
Thanks for this web site, it is even better then the last time I came into it to visit, The first time I saw Dorothy, I went to the movie Galaxina, she was one of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, There was something about her that drew you to her, of course I wanted to look just like her, but there was something more, it's sad to not have here, anymore I would have loved to see what she would have done with her life. I am just Glad for this web site where she lives forevermore,
PS.. your pictures are awesome! 
Hi Steve,
My name is Heidi and Im a long time fan of Dorothys, the first time I heard of her was the sad news report of her death in 1980, I was just a kid but I remember thinking that the Playboy girls were always very beautiful. I watched Star 80 many times until I finally saw Dorothys picture which  can't compare to the actresses in the movies that play her. You have a wonderful site and I have enjoyed looking at all your photos and info on Dorothy, lots of new things I have never seen before!! I have not read Peters book yet, it does sound interesting but I do not believe Playboy is at fault for what happened, I only blame Paul. I think he could have snapped even if she had never been in Playboy or left for Hollywood. He seemed like a unstable person all along. Im glad your site gets a sense of  the real Dorothy, so many people misjudge her because of the Playboy "airhead" image that the media seems to exploit.  Dorothy really was the girl next door who actted classy and carried herself like a lady. Thanks for this lovely tribute!
Best Wishes,
Heidi of GA
Hello, I just visited your site and I must write to you tell you what a wonderful site that you have created for Dorothy. With a site like this that Dorothy's name will live on forever in heart of fans like me. She was the first playmate that I have ever lay eyes on back in 1980 when I was a sophomore in high school, and her death have profound effect on me ever since. I would like to know if you know that Playboy magazine is doing anything on Dorothy's 25th anniversary? It seem fitting that Playboy should remember the playmate that changed the magazine's history.
Thank you for all your hard works.
Sean Chang
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