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Today is 16 years old and over a million visits.
I have a new Fan Poem and a new Fan Artwork.
Take care and enjoy.

Today is 15 years old!
It has one million seventy thousand hits!
Can you believe it???
And we honor Dorothy, who on this day, 35 years ago, was taken from us.
06/21/15Please check out the new D Art 26 and the new D Scrap 69
Hello D Fans,
Today is the 34th anniversary of Dorothy's passing and the 14th anniversary of
14 years! Can you believe it?
The Dorothy site now has over one million hits!
I wish you all the best on this day.
Hello D Fans,
I have a  very special new series of Dorothy photos donated by a childhood friend of Dorothy.
Please check them out here:
Yvonne Dash Pictorial

Hello D Fans,
I have just posted some new Dorothy Devotions.
Also, it is June, the month of Dorothy's Playmate of the Year Issue, the June 1980. But this June is notable because the Dorothy Website has just crossed the one million hits mark!
That's right, over one million unique visitors have found the Dorothy site.
I thank you all for making it a success.

Hello D Fans,
Well believe it or not, the Dorothy site is 12 years old today! It really is amazing it has been going for so long, but you have all made it bigger than ever. As of today the website has been visited 957, 000 times! Almost a million. That is really a lot for a small site like this.
So today on the anniversary of the Dorothy site and in honor of the loss of Dorothy on this day 32 years ago I have a couple of updates for you.
First there is a new cool
D True Story .
Second there are some new
Car Show pics.
Please enjoy.

Hi D Fans,
I have a couple of updates for you.
Please check out the Dorothy News section for some interesting items.
Also there is a new Dorothy True Story and some new Dorothy Devotions. Also a new Dorothy Snippet of My Favorite Playmate.

Hi D Fans,
Today is the 31th Anniversary of Dorothy's death.  
It is also the 11 year anniversary of
The Dorothy site now has over 900,000 hits and we are closing in on one million!
I have two updates for you:
Dorothy Art 25 and two rare photos from Alex Waterhouse-Hayward .
Today is Dorothy's birthday. I have a couple of interesting updates for you.
A rare picture of
Dorothy and a boyfriend .
Ultimate pic 131 has been added.
Scraps 68 has been added.

Hi D Fans,
Today is the 30th Anniversary of Dorothy's death.  It is also the 10 year anniversary of 10 years! It is hard to believe this website has been going strong for so many years with over 800, 000 hits! Please make it a million.
Ok, I have some big updates for you on this 30th.
Here we go.

I have added Poorman pics 60-67 .
I have added Scraps pics 65-67 .
I have added Ultimate pics 125 -130 .
I have added two new fan Poems .
I have added a new Dorothy Devotion .
And the real big one: I have added a rare and unique page highlighting the Dorothy photos of photographer Kris Kristoffersen .

Hi D fans
I have a  few updates for you this month. Ultimate Pic 125, Galaxina Pic 74 and Poorman Pics 57, 58 and 59. Enjoy!
Hi D fans
I have a new D art work for you. Please check it out here:
D art
Happy Birthday Dorothy!
For Dorothy's 2010 birthday I am presenting an extremely rare and incredible set of photos taken by top photographer Alan Houghton. Let me know what you think.
Happy Valentines Day! I have a new Dorothy
painting for you. It is  D art 23 by Geri Centonze.
Hi D fans, I have created a new section called
Playmates Remember . This is the section where you can read the personal stories and Dorothy memories of Playmates who knew Dorothy.
Happy Thanksgiving D fans!
Today I have added a new Dorothy Devotion and Scraps 62-64.
Hello D fans, the Dorothy Stratten Website is 9 years old today! Can you believe it? The site has over 730,000 hits! Can we make it a million???
I have some new additions for you. I have added a new Dorothy Poem, also Poorman pic 56, They All Laughed pic 46 and Ultimate Pictorial pics 121-124. Enjoy and thank you all for continuing to make this site a success!
Hi D fans, I have some new updates for you. Sorry it has been so long since  I updated the site but it is getting harder to find new Dorothy material. So be on the look out for new stuff, this website needs your help in locating new Dorothy pictures!
Here's what is new: I added They All Laughed pics 39-45,
Ultimate pic 120 and Poorman's pics 50-55 and Scrapbook pic 61. Enjoy!
Happy New year! I would like to start off the new year with some wonderful new Car Show photos for you. I have just added Car Show Photos 8-12. Enjoy.
You can now view the Buck Rogers Episode starring Dorothy at the
Dorothy Video page.
This day marks 28 years since Dorothy was taken from this world by an act of selfishness, jealously and rage. But this day also marks the 8 year anniversary of,  an attempt to memorialize that precious life, and share that life and beauty with the world freely. In this spirit, on this special day, I offer to you a supreme collection of photos that were shared with this site by a dear friend of mine. It is called:  The McLean Collection . These photos are completely unique, candid and the only ones of their kind. Please enjoy this new collection with reverence and thanks. Now with over 650,000 hits, wishes you great blessings!
Hi D Fans, I have a final surprise July update for you. Another really great
D-True Story . I think you will really like it. I wont say much except that a Playmate tells the story! And just a note, in August, for the 28 year anniversary of Dorothy's passing and the 8 year anniversary of my website you will be treated to the newest and best Dorothy pictorial you have ever seen! Stay tuned.
Hi D Fans,
I have a great July update for you. A really cool new
D-True Story with a great new Dorothy pic. Have a great July holiday!
Hi D Fans, it has been awhile since I last updated the site, but I am making up for it now, I have just added 34 new pages! Here they are: D-Art 22 has been added, Scraps 60 has been added, Ultimate 57 and 88 have been updated with better versions, Ultimate 100-103 have been added. And finally Poorman 21-39 has been added. Hope you like them all!
I have some special treats for you on this update. First i have added
Ultimate Pics 96-99 , next Scraps 55-59 have been added, then i have a new page dedicated to the Denis Monette interview  of Dorothy. I have added some more Devotions from fans, and finally a big one, a remembrance from a Girlfriend of Paul Snider . This girl dated Paul shorty before he hooked up with Dorothy. Very revealing and intense.  
Happy Thankgiving all! I have some updates for you.
Scraps 53 and 54 have been added. This is a very unique interview and you will definitely want to read it. Also i have a new Poem and some more Snippets . Check them all out.
Hi D fans
I have two updates for you this month. I have added an article to the Prism page with two Dorothy pictures, and I have added a new poem to the Love Poems page.
Today is 7 years old with 562,000 hits! Thank you for making it a continued success. This day I have several updates for you.
There are new
Dorothy Devotions, a new Firebird Pic, Poorman Pic 20 has been added, Ultimate 94 and 95 have been added. They All Laughed Pics 37 and 38 have been added, Premier Galaxina Pics 71-73 have been added and finally a new Surprise Pic of Dorothy has been added here. Let me know if you like these additions. Take care all!
Today is 777, some might call this the holiest of days. Today I have some new treats for you. First off I have added
Ultimate Pictorial pics 92 and 93. I have also added  Scraps 52. And you will find a special treat in a new section of my site called B.C. Telephone . I will let that be a surprise. Hope you like them!  
I have just started a
Dorothy Video's page. It features cool Dorothy videos from YouTube. I will add more as they are created. Hope you like it, you can see the Johnny Carson interview there!
Happy Mother's Day!
I have some nice additons for you today.
I have just added
Poorman's 17-19 .
I have also added
Ultimate Pics 88-91 .
And a new
D-True story is added.
Happy Easter!
I have just put up Poorman's Pics 12-16, let me know if you like them. Enjoy!
I just revamped all the Tribute Pages and added Tribute Page 17. Hope you like them.
Today is Dorothy's Birthday. Let's all take a brief moment and send a thought of love to her.
I also have added scraps 48-51 to the Dorothy Scrap Book and three new Dorothy Devotions. Enjoy!
Hi D Fans,
I am happy to announce that I now offer professional scanning and archiving services. Anyone who has any type of photo, slide, negative or transparency can come to me for the best scans, restoration and archiving. I will give your pictures the same high quality and care I do with all my Dorothy pictures. I just launched my new website and I invite you to take a look! Just go to
A new Carshow photo has been added. Check it out.
I have just posted a Dorothy tribute video on youtube. If you go to the Dorothy News page you can read about it and view it. Enjoy!
Happy New Year!
I have a new pictorial for you, The Poorman's Pictorial! Check it out.
Scraps 41-47 have just been added to the Dorothy Scrap Book.
There is an update on the Dorothy News page.
A new English translation of the French interview with Dorothy is in the Scraps section. The link is on the first page of the French interview. Check it out!
I have just added Scraps 28-39 to the Dorothy Scrap Book
I have revamped the Premier Galaxina Portfolio. I have added pictures 67-70 and added an advertisement for the new 25 anniversary Galaxina DVD.
Please check it out. 

Today the Dorothy Stratten Website is 6 years old with 438,000 hits! Thank you all for your Love of Dorothy that has made this site such a success. I have just added "Ultimate Pictorial pics 84-87" and there is a new section of the site I know you will all like and want to contribute to called "Our Dorothy Scrap Book." Thank you all again for your love.

Please check out the Dorothy News section for a special update on some new Dorothy DVD's.
This month I have something special for you. I have finally posted the extremely rare set of 23 Dorothy Photos won on Ebay by Gregg (aka good_bad_dog) they are just wonderful!
Please enjoy them.
This month I have a new page for you, the Treasure Pleasure Sweepstakes ad starring Dorothy of course. Also a second page of D comments, Dorothy News, a new fan Poem and more Devotions. Enjoy!
Check out the Heidi page where Heidi shares a chapter from her new book. In this chapter she talks about Dorothy.
I've added a new page called Dorothy Products. On this page you find links to where you can buy every Dorothy product that is available. Good Hunting!  4/05/06 
Please check out the Susie update and the new Dorothy Enigmas  2/20/06
The Johnny Carson page has been totally revamped with tons of new pictures! Three new Dorothy Devotions have been added. A new D-True story has been added. A Susie update. A new Dorothy painting and a D-News update.  11/06/05
The Buck Rogers page has been totally revamped with tons of new pictures! Also another Dorothy Devotion has been added as well as a Dorothy News update.  9/7/05
The Dorothy Stratten Website is now 5 years old with 374,905 hits! Hard to believe it's been 5 years. Updates this month are, a new D-True Story, Susie Update, two new Enigmas, one new D Art sketch, a D News Update and a new section D-voted to Westwood Memorial Cemetery Dorothy's final resting place. 8/25/05
A New page has been added called Dorothy News where you can get a heads up on things of interest about Dorothy.  7/30/05
Finally, The Dorothy Poems Page is here! Plus a update on the Susie Page too.  6/21/05
A fantastic new Dorothy Stratten Home Page has been created and a special Page for Bryan Adams and his tribute song.  8/14/04
The Dorothy Stratten Website is now 4 years old with over 307,000 hits!  8/14/04

Playmate Heidi Sorensen shares some memories. 3/28/04

The Dorothy Stratten Website is three years old today with over 250,000 hits! 8/14/03

An Incredible addition to the site,
Dorothy's own personal appointment book! 7/08/03

The Dorothy Stratten Website is 2 years old with over 161,000 total hits! Thank you for continuing to make this site a success. 8/14/2002

The Dorothy Stratten Website's first birthday. Over 63,000 hits in the first year! Thank you all for making it
a huge success. 8/14/2001

This Site Went up on August 14, 2000